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Whistle-blower Hotlines Work

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' most recent publication of their Report to the Nations, companies with whistle-blower hotlines had 50% less in losses compared to victim companies without hotlines. Additionally, hotlines increase reporting.

It is important to understand that hotlines do not increase the instances of fraud, they merely increase the identification of fraud.

Over the past year at one particular company, based on an anonymous hotline report, our team investigated systemic occupational misconduct leading to news reports, changes in corporate structure, and a host of other repercussions. The narrative now is focusing on the troubles that have occurred in the last year (during and resulting from the investigation). However, in reality, the troubles had been occurring for nearly 20 years. The investigation is not the source of the trouble, the underlying bad conduct. Don't be afraid of hotlines. It is better to know than not know.

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