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About Rick

Rick Schumacher is a seasoned Security & Investigations Professional with a passion for unraveling complex mysteries and ensuring compliance. With a background spanning three decades, Rick's journey in the world of investigations and security has been marked by excellence, leadership, and a commitment to ethical conduct.

Originally hailing from Austin, Texas, Rick embarked on a remarkable career path that has taken him across the globe. Armed with a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree with a specialization in Disaster & Emergency Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, both earned with honors, Rick possesses a deep understanding of crisis management and law enforcement.

His professional journey began in the United States Army Special Operations Command, where he served as an IO/PSYOP Counter-Influence Team Leader. In this role, Rick led a specialized team focused on reducing inter-cultural violence in various environments, from diplomacy missions to combat operations. His exceptional communication skills and cultural insights played a pivotal role in building bridges between different communities.

Rick's commitment to serving society took him to the a state government agency. As a Special Investigator he conducted complex investigations. His work involved collaborating with external agencies, including the FBI, Department of Labor Inspector General, ATF, and US Treasury Criminal Investigations. He was a key player in tackling fraud, abuse, and corruption, impacting thousands of lives.

His reputation for excellence led him to the global stage. At a global manufacturing company, Rick assumed the role of Senior Investigator and later became the Manager of the Global Ethics and Compliance Investigations Office. Here, he managed a team of investigators scattered across the globe, overseeing a diverse range of investigations, from manufacturing and production to cybersecurity and anti-corruption. His leadership was instrumental in resolving high-profile cases, safeguarding the company's reputation, and ensuring compliance with international regulations.

Rick's impact extended beyond the corporate world. He shared his expertise as a trainer and speaker for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Texas Association of Auditors, enriching the professional development of many.

In recognition of his dedication and contributions, Rick received numerous awards, including the prestigious Tillman Scholar honor from the Pat Tillman Foundation. His mentoring efforts through Austin Partners in Education earned him the title of Mentor of The Year three times.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rick is known for his ability to connect with people, his unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, and his resilience in the face of complex challenges. He thrives on uncovering the truth and is driven by a deep sense of justice.

Today, Rick continues to be a beacon of integrity in the world of investigations and compliance. He remains dedicated to shaping the future of the field, sharing his knowledge, and making a positive impact on the lives of those he encounters.

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